VERA™ is a patented multi-purpose vision screening program for use in school heath, special educational and occupational therapy settings. In schools, VERA's routine screening identifies more students with common vision difficulties and creates customizable referral letters to eye doctors and parents and demographic reports for school nurses and administration. VERA encourages vision care by promoting cooperation among school nurses, parents and teachers to better reinforce the need for eye examinations and by following up on unfulfilled vision referrals. VERA's unique “visual efficiency" screening component rates focusing, eye-teaming and eye tracking abilities which are crucial to attentive reading and learning and provides options for support of identified students. The two VERA screening components can be run separately or in tandem.


Save or print the VERA QUICKSTART GUIDE for an overview of the program features and operation. Then download the program from the “VERA Program Download” section. The full VERA manuals accompany the download and 50 trial screenings are included. Once you’ve determined that the program meets your needs and operating environment, you can request permanent activation of the software from the “Activate VERA” when you purchase the recommended test lens flippers. Use the “Contact Us” section for questions or comments.

VERA Visual Screenings Features
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