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VERA™ goes beyond the capabilities of vision screening devices by addressing the necessary testing and necessary reporting elements of an effective school vision screening program.  No clinical skills are required to administer VERA, enabling any school personnel or service organization to conduct accurate and professional student vision screening.   

Beyond routine screening, VERA’s visual efficiency tests reveal which underachieving students have difficulty learning because of abnormal eye tracking, focusing and eye teaming abilities.  The needs of these students can then be addressed more effectively with instructional modifications and/or specialized vision care.  

Outside of schools, VERA allows therapists and clinicians to routinely screen children and younger adults for visual efficiency.  Whether abnormal visual abilities result from learning-related stress, mild brain injury or post-traumatic stress, VERA can help focus teaching, vision care or occupational therapy on the needs of the patient.

VERA is affordable and flexible, offering the routine screening component alone or both the routine and visual efficiency screening components.  We invite you to download the VERA program to explore a different and better vision screening solution.

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