On ease of installation and use:

  • "Super easy! Installed in virtually no time at all." - J.V., Wilkinsburg, PA

  • " Very simple, no problems." - M. L., Jonesboro, AR

  • "No problem with the program at all ... students do very well understanding the procedure.
    Even pre-K have no problem." - J.V., Centerreach, NY

  • " Our nurse did it and she's not that good on a computer! Students love it and it's very easy!"
    - S.W., Rising Star, TX

  • "I like the fact that students can't memorize lines of letters, shapes or symbols. I only needed to instruct once and students liked the screening ."- S. N. Aiken, SC

On screening time with VERA vs. prior method:

  • "About 5-6 minutes per student, about the same as a machine." - M. L., Jonesboro, AR

  • "Screening takes a little longer because of the different tests but the record keeping is automatically generated saving lots of time." - J.V., Centerreach, NY

  • "5 minutes vs. 10 minutes previously" - S.W., Rising Star,TX

  • "Approximately the same amount of time for screening but it's easier." - N.S., Lake Tahoe, NV

  • "Much less time, especially the reports." - N.G. Mohave Valley, AZ

  • "It requires a little more time than eye charts alone, but, of course, this program is so much broader in assessment as well as accuracy of diagnosis." - J.L., Greenville, MS

On accuracy of screening:

  • "One child was having trouble reading off the chalkboard - the eye chart screened her as 20/30. When the VERA test was performed it showed she was 20/50 which was verified by the eye doctor. The same happened with an older child who had memorized the eye chart before testing! "- J.V., Centerreach, NY

  • "… more accurate visual acuity, and one 4th grade student had a slight misalignment of eyes resulting in a muscle balance problem. This was not detected until we used VERA." - M. L., Jonesboro, AR

  • "our old program didn't catch the problems VERA did." - S.W., Rising Star, TX

On VERA's reports:

  • "Very accurate and reliable . . .my eye doctors get the same results! All of the screening information is inserted into a concise letter for referral . . .professional and helpful." - J.V., Wilkinsburg, PA

  • "Good response - parents are very impressed with the screening procedure. The (doctor) letter is accurate and legible with good information. The administration feels it was a good investment." - J.V., Centerreach, NY

  • "They (school administration) love it. they think it's great to have a formal descriptive letter to send home." - M. Poss, Lincolntown, GA

On recommending VERA:

  • "I am more than happy to help spread the good news of this excellent tool in any way I can . . . I couldn't/wouldn't function in my role of vision screener now without VERA. It is easy to use and accurately guides care givers and educators in follow-up of students. " - D.S. Modesto, CA

  • "Yes! This has been recommended to our school district - they were impressed!" - J.V, Centerreach, NY

  • "Yes! Those who were skeptics now understand why I pushed for this program. Now when we request a vision evaluation for a child, we feel like we can back up the request. "- J.L., Greenville, MS


  • "The VERA screening was truly a great tool in finding out my children had vision issues. My daughter was the first child to be tested at her school. She failed the test miserably but finally there was a possible cause to her inability to read. After a few months of vision therapy she became an avid reader. My children were lucky enough to have VERA in their school. When my son struggled to read, he was tested immediately. He too had vision therapy and is now an avid reader. As an educator, I wish the district where I work had this screening. I see so many students struggle to read and wonder how many students have visual issues. The screening is quick, easy, and can possibly find a piece to the reading puzzle." S.R. – New Jersey

  • " My son struggled to read, was extremely frustrated and disliked schoolwork. A VERA test at school alerted us to a possible problem and led us to a formal evaluation. The eye exam and vision therapy changed his life. He can read! No more jumping letters or complaints of words moving. Grades improved and interest in reading and exploring books occurred without prompting. We are grateful for such an easy solution."
    - K.T., New Jersey

  • "Our son has told us that he feels more comfortable reading and doing his homework. We are so glad that (our school) did the VERA screening to alert us to the problems he was having. We would highly recommend that schools consider using the VERA screening program to see if vision problems are affecting students and their learning. We also firmly believe in vision therapy and have seen our son's pride in his schoolwork grow." S.B. – New Jersey

  • "I did not know you did such testing - very good!" - C.B., Mineral Pt., WI


  • ". . . this year out district began to utilize VERA, a computer software vision screening tool. We have found this screening tool to be useful. Through the use of VERA, we have been able to identify those students that may need additional screening from an eye care professional. When a student requires screening beyond what our school nurse is capable of doing, we provide the parents a list of those eye care professionals that can conduct a comprehensive eye exam-specifically those that will address vision skills. . . . the parents who chose to pursue vision skills training for their child have all seen a noticeable change in their child-specifically with increased desire to read and increased reading levels. Most of the students started vision therapy reading at least one grade level below and after completing vision therapy, they rose to grade level. Most importantly, as a school district, we have been able to remediate learning problems before they are in need of services from our Child Study Team. This is the most important benefit." – N.M., Principal, New Jersey

  • "The Vera Screening Program is an integral part of our RTI (Response to Intervention), identifying early students with vision issues that can impede learning. Having the program gives the teachers a greater understanding of vision-related learning issues especially in that there is more to vision then acuity. The Vera Screening Program has helped reduced the number of referrals to the Child Study Team. " - B.S., Director of Pupil Personnel Services, New Jersey


"VERA is being used in 3 school districts near my office. The vast majority of children who were referred had learning-related visual deficits that were effectively remediated. The children become better readers and learners and the schools saved money on special educational services. A win for all concerned."
– M.G., Marlton, NJ


  • "AR, a third grade student, was first screened in 2nd grade with VERA (routine screening) Her acuities were 20/25 OD and 20/20 OS, 20/20 OU. She failed the gross binocularity screening and was referred to her vision care specialist. She was subsequently prescribed glasses. Upon rescreening in 3rd grade VERA Comprehensive III was used and her Visual Skills status was "Inadequate" with a Composite Score of 0. The "Indicators of Visual Performance" were given to her teacher and concurrently her teacher referred her to our Academic Enrichment Center for evaluation. After meeting with that team AR was referred to a behavioral optometrist who diagnosed her with a visual processing disorder. Class work adjustments have since been made and a visual skills remediation program is in progress. The VERA screening program was very instrumental in helping this student get the help she needed to begin success in school.”
    - PSD, Pottstown, PA

  • “MG, a fourth grade student with behavioral issues in the classroom as well as underachievement in his schoolwork was screened with VERA III after his teacher completed the "Indicators of Visual Performance Difficulties" and between her evaluation and that of his 3rd grade teacher he had 9 indicators. This student was under the care of an optometrist for astigmatism and was prescribed glasses. Acuity screened as 20/20 OS; 20/25 OD; 20/20 both with VERA III. Visual skills were screened with a resultant composite score of 0. This student began a series of exercises for improvement of binocularity and focusing skills. This student was also enrolled in resource help. MG's parents are very appreciative of the knowledge and help they received due to information gained from the VERA screening and follow-up exercises. - PSD, Pottstown, PA

  • "I can read!" (After VERA identification and professional treatment - J.T. , Grade-school student, New Jersey