With VERA, you can identify more students with vision problems, get more of them to eye doctors, and more easily share screening results with parents, teachers and administration.  You’ll also have the option to provide critical information to special educators and occupational therapists when you screen for visual efficiency.   

VERA is standardized, foolproof and does not require learning new clinical testing skills. All tests are preceded by helpful instruction screens and prompts will alert you if running a test may give unreliable results. The routine screening contains tests for visual acuity, hyperopia (+ lens) and basic binocular vision. You can choose which tests to run or turn on Smartscreen® and the shortest screening sequence for each student will automatically be presented. Students find the screening fun to take and are engaged and cooperative. VERA will identify the same or more students with vision difficulties required by any state screening regulations.

Your personalized Eye Doctor’s Report and/or Parent’s Letter can automatically be prepared after each screening or you can print them all at once after screening is done.  This is particularly convenient when using a laptop.  With VERA, you'll spend virtually no time transcribing results or replacing lost eye doctor's reports. You'll also have Second Notice letters to parents, a generic Screening Results report for your special educators or pupil review team, a Student List report for teachers and a Vision Efficiency Report should you perform this screening.